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Professional Capstone Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Professional Capstone Project - Essay Example To address this issue further clinical trials are essential and preventive health strategies addressing the established causative agents should be implemented. Lung cancer often results from the abnormal growth of the cells lining the passageway of the lungs. They can be dangerous as they can spread and invade other tissues of the body. Because of this it is one of the most common causes of cancer death worldwide. The disease has a very low prognosis, with less than 15% of the diagnosed patients surviving 5 years after diagnosis. The clinical signs and symptoms are often vague and non-specific Radiologic tests such as x-ray and CT scan often provides the usual indication of lung cancer. PET scan has been shown to be important in cancer staging. The role of diagnosis on the staging, treatment and management of lung cancer cannot be overemphasized, thus it is essential to understand the contributions and limitations of each diagnostic procedure. The signs and symptoms of lung cancer are often covert or if not, they mimic other respiratory infections. Radiologic techniques, especially X-ray and CT (computerized axial tomography) scan are the most preferred techniques for initial diagnosis, and yet both offer some advantages and drawbacks. X-ray could not determine small tumors, if detected the patient may be in the late stages thus making treatment more difficult and even impossible. CT scan is more sensitive, having the ability to determine even the smaller tumors and yet lacks the ability to resolve whether the tumor is benign or just an inflammation as a result of respiratory infection. Furthermore, CT scan has not reduced the mortality rate of lung cancer. Furthermore, CAT scans have not decreased the incidence of the disease (Spiro, 2007). Proper screening and diagnosis of any type of cancer is important in the staging and treatment.

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How to Write a Good Essay

How to Write a Good EssayMany students are confused as to how to write a good essay. Even if you understand the format and the rules of grammar, there is still a lot of stumbling and hesitation when it comes to the words and phrases that form the backbone of your paper. Here are some tips on writing a great essay.There are two ways to structure a sentence. The first is to keep the sentence as short as possible and to move on to the next one. This can be tricky because it requires a certain kind of punctuation and it does not always make a better read. In fact, it can be quite difficult to find the exact line in which the one who is reading your paper is supposed to read the sentence. So what do you do?The second way to structure a sentence is to make a single sentence the highlight of your whole paragraph. This should be directly related to what is being said and where it is being said, but it must be strong enough to justify itself as an all-inclusive sentence.If you want to avoid b eing too wordy, then you should always keep your sentences straight line. If you find it hard to write a sentence that is not too many words, there are many grammatical guidelines available online that you can use to help you out. Sometimes, they can even be printed out to help you out as well.You should also keep your paragraphs to a minimum as this makes it easier for you to read the paper, and it will also aid you in editing. If you put too many words in one paragraph, you will find it harder to follow all the guidelines and help you find the best fitting words.It is also a great idea to do some research on the topic you will be discussing and to do a little research in the material that youare going to be using as well. Some topics have really difficult problems, so there is no need to try and rehash them when you only have a brief discussion to make.Writing an essay is one of the hardest things you will ever attempt. However, if you take the time to learn the basics, then you c an create an impressive document and get high marks from your professors.

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The New Angle On Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work Just Released

The New Angle On Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work Just Released Persuasive essay writing isn't easy guaranteed. Writing an incredible essay on technology does not need to be difficult. Finally, if you're unsure about how to structure your paper, you can depend on essay templates. There are several technology essay topics, but you need to choose one which you feel comfortable writing about. People are now overly determined by technology. Technology is the critical contributor to innovation. It affects people all over the world, both positively and negatively. What You Should Do About Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work Starting in the Next 6 Minutes You have to know all parts of financial topics as soon as you choose them. If you're searching for information which you just can't find in the sources I've included, you are going to want to do more research. As you have observed, different kinds of essay topics have various strategies to approac h them, and in addition, they have their own benefits. Students often stress about seeking utile persuasive essay tips and searching for ideas due to the fact that they feel it's an uphill job, but the secret is to understand the essence and make an appropriate outline first by planning for it correctly. The degree of education ought to be the exact same in public and private schools. Students in sports teams should attain a particular grade point average as a way to play. School should happen in the evenings. Year round school isn't a good idea. Facts, Fiction and Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work Every school has to have a sex education class. To help students just like you find debatable topics, we've gathered a broad range of ideas on various subjects and academic levels. Argue that public higher education has to be free for everybody. A college student sometimes takes a larger challenge and speak about political, cultural or societal difficulties. Tech nology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work Can Be Fun for Everyone Persuasive speech refers to a certain kind of speech where the speaker has the objective of persuading the audience to accept their perspective. A technology paper has a broad number of topics. To choose which subject you're likely to discuss, it's crucial to see the complete collection of good persuasive speech topics from the special area of study. Well, first, you are going to need to find good persuasive speech topics. What Is So Fascinating About Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work? The most effective persuasive essays persuade the reader to agree with a specific point of view, perspective or maybe to take a particular action. The reader ought to take the author's side by the close of the reading. The simplest way to pick a persuasive essay topic is to talk about a present issue. Also, choosing the most appropriate topic is essential. Finding the most suitable articlesto support your per suasive essay is a little more challenging. Social science essays provide you with an opportunity to present your opinion and speak up. Argumentative essay topics are so important since they are debatableand it's important to at all times be critically considering the world around us. In the actual sense, it's tricky to select a great persuasive essay topic from numerous excellent topic ideas. Select the one which you think that you can offer strong points that will persuade your audience. Well, obviously, you will need to understand how to compose academic content. In addition to the typical notes given in class, it's important to do your research and add the quantity of knowledge you have. The fantastic thing about science is there are so many topics you're able to write about regardless of which course you're taking. Ok, I Think I Understand Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work, Now Tell Me About Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work! You must mak e certain your paper does not have any grammar issues when you submit it. It's possible, obviously, search for other topic examples. If you opt to work on a financial subject, you must know about the subject. With all these alternatives to explore, it can be very overwhelming to choose one particular topic for your paper particularly if your instructor has given you an open-ended type of assignment. What to Expect From Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work? If you went through all the last steps, writing the essay will be simple. You must settle on a persuasive essay topic that enables you to present the greatest possible case. Bear in mind, persuasive essay topics don't need to be politically correct all the moment, they are sometimes controversial. The use of the essay is to select an argument and attempt to persuade the reader to adopt it. The Argument About Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work Otherwise, it is easy to edit the strategy. An exces sive amount of money isn't a good thing. Though people believe education is a correct and will make society, generally, a better place for everybody, others feel there's no legitimate approach to provide a free college education as colleges would still must be funded (likely through tax dollars). Students ought to be permitted to listen to music during prep moment. They should be allowed to pray in school. They always go online when they need to find something. Students with good attendance has to be rewarded. The Debate Over Technology Persuasive Essay Topics How They Work There are lots of questions left without answers so you may play with this. There are several persuasive essay topics to pick from to finish your high school or college assignment. Every student ought to be made to learn to code. You cannot permit your grades suffer just because of a couple challenges.

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Vital Pieces of Persuasive Essay Topics Animal Testing

Vital Pieces of Persuasive Essay Topics Animal Testing Education level is high school and a couple of years of college, plus a few older people who've been in class for some time. To help students just like you find debatable topics, we've gathered a wide selection of ideas on various subjects and academic levels. It's possible to speak to other students if you discover that it's challenging to pick an excellent subject issue. Many students think that it is a waste of time. Facts, Fiction and Persuasive Essay Topics Animal Testing There are some easy guidelines to follow to be able to be in a position to compose an excellent persuasive essay. The simplest way to pick a persuasive essay topic is to go over a present issue. Still, figuring out the ideal topic for your essay isn't your only concern for a student. There are several intriguing topics that could be become a persuasive essay if you take the opportunity to consider about doing it. It can be quite challenging in regards to writing essays on animal testing. The function of the essay is to select an argument and attempt to persuade the reader to adopt it. Before you commence working on the paper, you must go through several topics to compose a persuasive essay on. You are going to be able to create a better paper if you're passionate about it. Students are accustomed to the simple fact which their professors give them with the assignment's topic. Many students come online to discover persuasive essay topics for higher english simply to pick specific topics and begin writing about them. What's Actually Going on with Persuasive Essay Topics Animal Testing You have to know all parts of financial topics when you choose them. To choose which subject you're likely to discuss, it's vital to see the complete collection of good persuasive speech topics from the special area of study. The first thing which you might want to do once you've chosen your topic is to start with writing an outline. Figure out which of the topics, you presently have a fairly good background on which will make it possible for you to have a relative edge. When many people today are thankful for the fantastic contribution of science in the sphere of medicine, others have various opinions. The very best persuasive essays persuade the reader to agree with a certain point of view, perspective or maybe to take a particular action. You wish to opt for something which is controversial as you can't really argue to refute facts. It is vital to settle on a something it is possible to work on, because without personal interest it'll be difficult for you to compose an engaging essay. To compose a persuasive paper on animals, you have to select a very good subject issue. Lots of people have criticized the usage of animals in the testing labs. Animal experimentation has existed for a long time and a lot of people have become fascinated about animals and how they work. Some cosmetics and medical care products have to be tested on animals to make sure their safety. New medical treatments are tested on animals to validate the toxicity of new medications or the protection of a product which will be utilized on humans. Animals have less intellectual abilities, and that's why human life and wellness are considered more valuable and can't be in danger. At precisely the same time, it's a terrific persuasive essay idea. There are occasions when you're requested to deliver a persuasive speech in a short time. Whenever you intend to compose an essay, it's advised that you clearly sort out all your ideas on a sheet of paper and take a while to elaborate on them. There are just a few things that define whether an essay you're working on is going to be a good one. To begin with, if you're arranging a persuasive speech, you ought to think about a topic that could create mental pictures in the minds of your audience. Most men and women believe in sacrifice for the larger good. Every family needs to have a pure disaster survival program. A good deal of students have a tendency to find writing a persuasive essay somewhat challenging as a result of essence of the essay and its dynamics. Schools should not have anything to do with ads. Students ought to be permitted to pray in school. To begin with, you ought to know the subject. School tests aren't powerful.

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The Enlightenment Essay Example for Free

The Enlightenment Essay Today we will examine the seven points made about the enlightenment that we have read in this chapter. We will also go over the philosophers who put forth these ideas. What influence can be felt in the present of these ideas? Well in this paper we will find out all of these mind boggling questions. Okay the seven points of enlightenment we will start with first what is enlightenment mean to man? Well it is a mans inability to make use of his understanding. So to answers the first step of enlightenment basically to me means it is someones right to there own authority to subjects and objects. Okay the second step is rationalism and it offers a naturalistic alternative to appeals to religious accounts of human nature and conduct. Now to the enlightenment of movement which means, enlightenment, the movement outwards towards the world and separation is driven by desire, fear, and suffering, movement, which towards to reality which gets to intuition and apperception. That is what I pulled out of the chapter on that step. Okay step four cultural optimism I figured this one to mean that a culture of any would have an optimistic look on it optimistic meaning to look on something with a more favorable side or outcome. Now to step five which is the return to nature I believe that maybe this one means that maybe when people die and the ritual of burying some one means that we are returning to nature. Next step natural rights, well everyone has there rights from the democratic point of view so this must also mean that we have our own natural rights including the right to exist and the rights to make our own choices and such. Step seven last but not least human rights I would believe to include the democratic point of view it is our human right to vote or to fallow the laws and such. These seven steps and the definitions that fallow are my own definitions to these enlightenment steps. The philosophers who put forth these enlightenment steps are the one we have read about in our Sophies world book, Including Locke, Hume, Berkeley. All there ideas views and thoughts were I believe put into effect through these seven steps. What influence can be felt in the present of these ideas? Well I believe they came form the philosophers that I have listed so basically IÂ  answered this question with the one before it. This chapter was fun for me to read because I learned a lot about the enlightenment steps and where they originated from. I just thought that this section of the book was great!

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Essay --

TUQUITA CHECK OUT THE PROPER TEMPLATE FOR AN APA PAPER. IT IS AVAILABLE ON LINE. THIS IS NOT CORRECT Introduction to Psychology Week 4 Assignment Tuquita Clark 2/11/2014 â€Æ' When a person is in control of their emotions they can deal with difficult tasks better than otherpeople.s, but Eemotions will also tell you a lot about a person’s emotional health. Michael Akers and Grover Porter of PyschCentral (p. 9) noted that the intelligence test was designed to learn how smart a person was by testing their cognitive abilities. The IQ test mostly consisted of memory and problem solving, but soon researchers realized that emotional intelligence was just as important. Emotional intelligence is when a person understands their own emotions and the emotions of others. In order to study emotion you have to understand the five concepts of emotional intelligence. The first concept, self- awareness is the ability to recognizeing emotions as they happen and dealing with them immediately. Emotional awareness and self-confidence are major factors in self-awareness. When you’re co...

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A Blind Man Makes Him See

â€Å"Cathedral† (28) is Raymond Carver’s short story about the anticipation and fulfillment of one man’s encounter with his wife’s blind friend. The man, who is also the narrator, is wary of this rendezvous, having known no blind people in his own life up to that point. His ignorance is apparent as he thinks of blind people only from a cinematic perspective. He tells us â€Å"My idea of blindness came from the movies. In the movies the blind moved slowly and never laughed† (28). From his cynical and insecure tone, we can tell that the main character is a complacent man full of self-doubt with an inability to think outside of world that he knows.The narration, however, changes unexpectedly after the blind man has been at their home for the evening. He undergoes an epiphany as the blind man opens our narrator’s eyes to an existence he did not know was possible. The main character’s insecurity is underscored by his inability to acknowled ge the significance of another man in his wife’s life, whether an ex-husband or simply an old friend. This is exemplified by the fact that he avoids mentioning the name of his wife’s ex-husband.While this may seem like a negligible factor, it would not be so important if the narrator did not make it aware that this omission of detail was entirely and defiantly intentional. He harps â€Å"Her officer—why should he have a name? He was the childhood sweetheart, and what more does he want? †(29). Additionally, during the visit he morosely sits and watches his wife and Robert, the blind man, converse hoping to hear her mention his name. â€Å"I waited in vain to hear my name on my wife’s sweet lips: â€Å"And then my dear husband came into my life† –something like that. But I heard nothing of the sort.More talk of Robert† (32). When the conversation does turn toward him, he at first cannot engage due to these insecurities and discom fort with the blind man. â€Å"From time to time, he’d turn his face toward me, put his hand under his beard, ask me something. How long I had been in my present position? (Three years. ) Did I like my work? (I didn’t. ) Was I going to stay with it? (What were the options? )† (33). Clearly our narrator is not thrilled with his life and does not care to do anything about it where as the blind man so far had a life that seemed more fulfilling in spite of his impairment.The narrator admits that Robert was â€Å"regular blind jack of all trades† (32). He also makes note of Robert’s ability to function as a normal human being – something he never realized was possible. Robert ate, drank, and smoked just like anyone else and could even tell if the TV was color or black and white. It is this attention to Robert’s ability to function that begins the narrator’s change. The narrator’s epiphany crystallizes with his attempt to desc ribe the cathedrals appearing on a late-night television program to Robert.Robert suggests that the he draw the cathedral and envelops his hand as he draws in order to physically trace the silhouettes as they are drawn. The narrator is then instructed to close his eyes and keep drawing. At that moment, the narrator shares a commonplace with the blind man as they both trace the silhouettes of the drawing without being able to see. The narrator says â€Å"It was like nothing else in my life up to now† (37). Even after told to open his eyes and look at the picture he had drawn, the narrator does not. He says â€Å"My eyes were still closed. I was in my house. I knew that.But I didn’t feel like I was inside anything† (37). At that point the narrator is released from the captivity of his ignorance and insecurity. He was not impaired by his closed eyes as he was still able to draw the cathedral and even though he was at home, it is as if the confinement of walls and b oundaries did not exist. It is at this point that he is able to see the way the blind man sees – without his eyes, with all other senses liberated. Work Cited Carver, Raymond. â€Å"Cathedral† The Norton Introduction To Literature. By Alison Booth and Kelly J. Mays. New York, 2010. 929-42. Print.